Tibet Refugees

Tibet used to be a separate country, but is now a semiautonomous region in China.  Many people in Tibet, especially Tibetan Buddhists, believe Tibet should be its own independent country.  The United States recognizes China’s control over Tibet, but respects the rights of Tibetans to speak out for independence and other human rights.

The Chinese government has imposed several restrictions on practicing Buddhists in Tibet because the government feels that their religious practices are actually a form of political protest.  The Chinese government considers the Dalai Lama is considered a destabilizing force, and they actually try to control who is a reincarnation of past religious leaders.

U.S. government officials have noted that the Chinese government has imposed “severe government controls on Tibetan Buddhist religious practice and monastic institutions; education practices that undermine the preservation of Tibetan language; intensive surveillance, arbitrary detentions and disappearances of Tibetans, including youth and Tibetan intellectual and cultural leaders; escalating restrictions on news, media and communications; and the use of force against Tibetans seeking peacefully to exercise their universal human rights.”

For example, the U.S. government notes that Tibetans are subjected to “Compulsory ‘patriotic education’ and ‘legal education’ campaigns at monasteries” and Tibetans are required to denounce the Dalai Lama.  The Chinese government places strict control over speech, association, and movement of people in Tibet. The Chinese government claims it is part of an effort to promote social stability, but many Tibetans feels it is actually an attempt to  destroy their unique culture.

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