Mexican Asylum

The biggest reason why some Mexicans are afraid to return to Mexico is because of criminal organizations, mostly drug traffickers. While a person usually has to fear future persecution from the government in order to qualify for asylum, in some cases there is a group that is so powerful that the government is unable to protect its people, and Mexicans have been able to successfully convince the US government that some drug traffickers are such a group.

Criminal organizations are very powerful in certain parts of Mexico. They are extremely violent and show little concern for civilian casualties. They kidnap and otherwise intimidate journalists, human rights organizations, and government officials that they feel might threaten them. If you are a Mexican who fears being persecuted by these criminal gangs, make sure you can connect this fear with one of the protected grounds for asylum, which are race, religion, national origin, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. Many Mexicans who have a legitimate fear of these gangs fail in their asylum application because they cannot connect their fear with one of the five protected grounds. Working with an experienced asylum attorney is highly recommended.

There are some legitimate fears of persecution from the governments’ actions or inaction in Mexico. One large area of concern is the treatment of women. Rape and domestic violence are rarely reported to police; and when they are the police often do not respond. Domestic violence victims who are ignored by the police sometimes are granted asylum as a particular social group.

Indigenous people in Mexico face widespread discrimination and a lack of equal opportunity, but it is not clear if this treatment is severe enough to warrant asylum.

In fighting against criminal organizations, the Mexican police and armed forces have been know to commit human rights abuses, like arbitrary detention or torture. Some victims of these practices, if they are not drug traffickers, may be able to qualify for asylum.

Between the powerful drug traffickers and certain government practices, many Mexicans are afraid to return to Mexico. If you are Mexican and you are afraid to return, PoliticalAsylumUSA may be able to help you. Call us at +1 (800) 560-1768 today. We are available 24/7.