Nepal Asylum

Nepal is a country in the middle of a very unstable region.  As a result, many people both seek asylum in Nepal and flee Nepal seeking asylum elsewhere.

Political Persecution

Among Nepalis seeking asylum in the US, most are victims of political persecution.  The southern Tarai region is particularly unstable, as armed militias attack all sorts of political, social and ethnic groups.

The United States Department of State has stated that the most significant human rights problem in Nepal is unlawful, politically motivated killings performed by the government and security forces.

Outside the direct control of the government, Maoist groups have a long record of persecuting others on the basis of political opinion.  They attack members of minority political parties, minority ethnic groups, journalists, and other armed militias in the Tarai region.  They also have threatened many businesses and wealthy people in an attempt to raise money.

Religious Persecution

There are many religious groups in Nepal, but the vast majority of people are Hindu.  Hindu extremist groups have persecuted many minority groups, namely Tibetan Buddhists.  Nepali Buddhists rarely suffer this persecution.  Christian groups have grown in recent years, but their increased presence is sometimes seen as western imperialism and subjected to persecution.  The Hindu religion has a strict caste system, and sometimes people face discrimination on the grounds of caste.

Other Persecution

Violence against women is a huge problem in Nepal, but recent efforts by the government has brought some measure of accountability.  Still, there are many cases of domestic violence that go unreported and unpunished.  There have been several instances where brides have been killed or abused because she did not bring enough of a dowry to satisfy the husband.

Refugees in Nepal

Because of Nepal’s proximity to countries like Bhutan and China, many refugees are currently living in Nepal.  The Nepali government has a very inconsistent record with allowing refugees to resettle, even if the people are ethnic Nepali or Nepali speaking.  Many Tibetan Buddhists face religious persecution in Nepal.

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