Immigration Judge

If an asylum seeker makes a defensive application for asylum, the application will be decided by an Immigration Judge.  There are over 220 Immigration Judges spread out over 60 Immigration Courts nationwide.  The job of an Immigration Judge is to oversee removal (deportation) proceedings.

Immigration Judges are appointed through a nonpolitical process that is based on their experience and knowledge in immigration law.  An Immigration Judge cannot be fired, disciplined or given a pay cut because of the decisions made.  The Immigration Judge can grant asylum even if the government officers believe a person is not eligible for asylum.  This system helps to ensure that the Immigration Judge does whatever is fair.

Any noncitizen in the United States may not be deported without having his or her day in court.  The first time an asylum seeker goes to court it is called Master Hearing.  In a Master Hearing, the Immigration Judge determines whether or not there is a possible form of relief available.

At times, the Judge can detain the asylum seeker with or without the possibility of bail. Most times, it is possible to qualify for immigration bail bonds and get out of custody for 15% or less of the total bail amount.

If an asylum seeker says he or she wishes to apply for asylum at the Master Hearing, then the Immigration Judge will schedule an Individual Hearing.  Because of backlogs and too few Immigration Judges, it can take a year or more to have an Individual Hearing.  The Individual Hearing is like a trial, with witnesses and evidence.  After the Individual Hearing the Judge will issue a decision.

If the Immigration Judge denies the asylum application, an asylum applicant can appeal to an agency called the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).  If the BIA does not overturn the Immigration Judge’s decision, the asylum seeker can appeal to Federal Court.

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