About Us

The New York Human Rights Committee is a private organization established in 2012 in order to provide first class, VIP service for people who wish to live in the United States free from persecution. Our offices are in New York City, although we are equipped to handle asylum cases throughout the United States. Our goal is to provide the best service possible for asylum applicants so that they can be assured that everything is being done to ensure success in their case.

We partner with top rated New York Immigration Attorneys, and for one flat fee we provide you with all necessary translations and travel, a full analysis of all your immigration options, full legal and attorney support for your asylum application, asylum interview, asylum hearings and, if necessary, appeals.

Our founder, Yury Mosha, is an immigrant himself and knows how difficult and stressful it can be for someone to navigate America’s complex immigration system. Yury is a businessman who has had enormous success in assisting immigrant communities to work together, connect with people in their own language and get accustomed to life in America; most recently with his “World Internet Project” social media site. Now he uses these skills and connections to help connect asylum applicants with top New York Asylum Attorneys in order to provide the best full legal service possible.

If you are afraid of persecution in your home country and would like to get help from a top New York Asylum Attorney, call the New York Human Rights Committee toll free at +1 (800) 560-1768.